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Business Opportunities From Highland Hills Farms
In the Cinnamon Roasted, Cinnamon Crunch, and Cinnamon Glazed Almond Industry

Business opportunities in the nut roasting business

Great Income:

You can have financial success full or part-time from your home. Be independent and have financial freedom.

Sales Opportunities:

Roasted almonds can be sold in craft shows, amusement parks, exposition events, concert halls, sporting events, horse shows, oktoberfests or any other festival.  Anywhere people gather, roasted nuts sell.

Low Investment, High Return:

Highland Hills can help you set up your business with a low investment of less than $15,000!   We provide the almonds, pecans, nut roasters, festive cone packaging, and the knowledge that you need to be successful.  We also send out newsletters providing you with marketing ideas to build your business.

Small Space Requirements: 

Roasted almonds can be sold from temporary booths, pop-up tents, concession trailers, carts, or permanent arenas.  You can operate in less than 18 square feet.

Wholesale Opportunities

Convenience Stores:

Many convenience stores will buy impulse snacks in small packages (4 oz cone) for their cash register check out.

Gift Basket Companies:

Gift basket companies are always looking for new items to give variety to their product selections.

Weddings and Anniversaries:

Small packages are perfect for table settings for weddings and special events.


Many states have Made-in-(your state) products in gift stores and tourist areas.

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