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Assorted packaging bags for nuts

Highland Hills Farms is a complete wholesale supplier to the nut roasting industry. We provide German nut roasting machines, nut and confectionary packaging supplies, a mouth-watering variety of roasted almonds including wholesale cinnamon roasted almonds, roasted pecans, and wholesale raw nuts. Each product is of the highest quality to ensure freshness. We also provide a wide assortment of nut packaging supplies including paper cones, vinyl cones, plastic cones, clear round containers, and plastic containers.

For the business entrepreneur, we offer a low investment, high return business opportunity. We will assist you in every aspect of setting up a nut vending enterprise.

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German nut roasting machinesGerman Nut Roasting Machines Wholesale nut packaging suppliesWholesale Packaging
Wholesale nuts & confectionaryWholesale Nuts
Raw, Roasted & Salted

Highland Hills Farms is the exclusive distributor of German almond roasting machines for Hutterer and Sohn Gmbh. We serve North and South America offering three different German nut roasters.

The Original gas German nut roasting machine or "Mandelbox" is the finest quality, most dependable best selling almond roaster in the world. May be set for use with either propane or natural gas.

Electric almond roasting machine.
Exclusively electric, it is the machine of choice where gas or propane is not allowed. It is the best selling electric almond roaster in the world.

The double almond roasting machine
For high volume roasting, it produces up to twice as many roasted almonds per hour.

We are the exclusive distributor of fun festive cone packaging for Haase Gimble Packaging to all of North and South America. Our wide selection of nut and confectionary packaging supplies offer the retailer many choices.

From a variety of colorful paper and vinyl cones to our transparent round containers, all offer attractive packaging for all types of nuts and candy for individual sales and gift packs.

Packaging includes:

Holiday Collection Nut bags
Holiday plastic cones for nuts

We carry a variety of raw nuts for roasting and flavoring. We also provide ready-to-sell roasted and salted nuts including roasted cashews, roasted pecans, roasted peanuts, cinnamon roasted almonds, cinnamon roasted pecans, cinnamon roasted cashews and cinnamon roasted peanuts. All are available in bulk quantities at wholesale prices for repackaging:

Raw nuts
Almonds, pecans, cashews and peanuts.

Roasted & salted nuts Roasted pecans, cashews, peanuts, cinnamon roasted almonds, cinnamon roasted pecans, cinnamon roasted cashews & cinnamon roasted peanuts.

Each of our products are of the highest quality to ensure freshness. Our famous cinnamon roasted almonds are a favorite for the retail vendor.

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Highland Hills Farms is honored to provide our products and services to assist your retail endeavor. You may contact a sales representative Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Contact Us or call: 248-887-5444 for further information regarding custom wholesale ordering and prices.

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